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Energy usage in most of the world is dominated by commercial & industrial facility power consumption and road transportation. Close to 90% of the energy in vehicle fuel goes to waste. What remains is used for propulsion with close to 50% of that energy wasted as heat and friction via deceleration and braking. Electric vehicles are capable of recovering some of this energy through regenerative braking, which is a good start, but this simply isn't an option for most cars. It is estimated that enough energy is wasted annually in the U.S.
by decelerating vehicles alone
to power 60 million average homes for an entire year.

RoadPower enables facilities (and one day: cities) to generate clean electricity from otherwise-wasted energy recovered from vehicles in motion on their roadways. This is accomplished through our intelligent, non-invasive & surface-mounted platforms that produce clean electricity with each passing vehicle. Think: power-producing speed breakers. The electricity generated can be used to energize nearby facilities, enabling them to reduce their operating expenses & energy requirements.

A single RoadPower unit produces roughly 10,000 kWh per year which is enough to offset close to 10 metric tons of CO2 annually, the equivalent of fully charging 250 average electric vehicles or eliminating the greenhouse gas equivalents of close to 25 barrels of oil or 1200 gallons of gasoline. Thus, this recovery and recycling of energy promotes low carbon emissions and encourages communities to move towards a low carbon circular economy.



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