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Patent pending Next Generation Renewable Energy Power Plant (Gen3REN) that incorporates Hydrogen (H2), that cause nuclear power plants, coal, LNG and all fossil fuel plants obsolete by year 2045 by way of Blockchain smart energy contracts & digital PPAs.

Signed an MOU in Summer of 2018 with Government of Jamaica utility agency to provide feasibility study on Gen3REN from independent engineering firm from the USA which is to lead to a pilot plant of 2.5 MW.

Signed MOU with EPCM partner to explore 1 GW aluminum smelter in Jamaica to provide the lowest cost kWh for smelter. EPCM has over 100 GW of power plant experience.

Gen3REN can be deployed at low cost all through the Middle East, Africa, and Asia for villages, towns , and cities seeking low cost clean energy and access to clean drinking water.


Utilities - water/light 
EV transportation as a Service (EVaaS) 
Data centers 
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency integration 
Cargo ships power train 
Plant factories (Ex: Planty, Aero Farms) 
Blockchain mining energy supply 
Bauxite mining & aluminum smelter 
Sea water desalination  



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