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Rolade is a dish cooked in the form of a roll, typically made from a flat piece of meat that has high animal protein. However, in Indonesia, the consumption of animal protein is still low. The needs of rolade ingredients, which is meat, can not be used by middle to lower society. Due to its high price, we substitute the usage of meat in rolade with cheaper ingredients but the protein content not inferior to the meat, namely tempe. To make more nutritious, we added tempe rolade with sweet corn (Zea mays Saccharata). This study aims to test the effect of sweet corn addition on tempe rolade with organoleptics test which include color, taste, aroma, texture and level of public acceptance. Furthermore, this study aims to provide innovative use of plant-based protein to foods. The method used is experiment by varying the addition of sweet corn, i.e., 15%, 30%, and 45%. Based on the results of the organoleptic test by 2 people nutritionists and 1 culinary expert showed that the A5 treatment (55:45) with sweet corn addition as much as 45% produced the color (gold), the taste (savory and sweeter), the aroma (savory) and the best texture (soft and solid). While the acceptability test results shows that the highest favorite value by hedonic scale is 3.95. Therefore, based on organoleptic results, the best composition of sweet corn added 45%. Therefore, tempe rolade with sweet corn addition in favor of affordable nutrients and overcome low nutrients to support Indonesia Emas 2030.



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