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Diabetes is one of the fastest growing causes of blindness especially inChina, India, the United States, Brazil, and many developing countries.

Patients need an early diagnosis of symptoms to prevent the permanent vision loss. The shortage of ophthalmologists to support the growing diabetic population is a big concern.

Diabetic retinopathy is almost incurable once diagnosed and is difficult to self-diagnose. This leads to an urgent need for regular screening of eye care and for telemedicine services in developing countries.

One major problem that current general practitioners (GP) face is the inability to screen eye-disease. The main reason for this is due to current devices either being too expensive or require designated areas.

The problem of current devices includes requiring a darkroom, mydriatic agents for diagnosis and trained specialists to operate the medical device.

Our solution, ELI (Eye Linked Information), addresses the problem of blindness, even in developed countries, and the lack of infrastructure for health care in developing countries. It is a portable auto-focus fundus camera non-mydriatic for diabetic retinopathy screening and management.

ELI allows patients to consistently manage the condition of their eye through 'self-diagnostic.'



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