Routine ECG Cloud Interpretation Solution

About Solution

Unleash your full potential with PRECISE automatic ECG interpretation.

Modernize your ECG diagnostic routine to improve accuracy, content, processing and cost-effectiveness. Imagine your cardio diagnostics becoming twenty times more efficient. Use the potential of 100% fully automated ECG interpretation Cloud Service.

Reduces the cost of an ECG interpretation to $0.50 per unit.

Analyzes over 700 ECG parameters concurrently.

Makes any doctor with and ECG machine 7 times more efficient.

Reduces the time spent on one interpretation from 15 minutes to less than 2 minutes.

Supports 10 main ECG formats and can be integrated into a hospital information system without any additional costs. Regardless of cardiograph types used (high-end cardiographs, Holter monitors, wearable sensors or simple home cardiographs) provides quality assurance of ECG interpretation, retrospective ECG files processing and remote care management.



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