Royal Voice International Skill Acquisition Centre

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1) Promote Peace and Justice within countries around the word

No doubt that Culture is a thing of beauty which attracts the attention of all including foreigners. This solution involves developing our cultural values by establishing a Skill Acquisition Centre that would speak creativity, oneness and sense of belonging as well as acceptance among citizens and foreigners within countries. It is said that beauty is power and this power we intend to utilize in order to promote peace and justice 

2) Provide Education/Skills Training for the people (displaced people inclusive)

The RVISAC Solution is a training centre that would empower and train people on acquiring different unique cultural/art designing skills in the world of creativity as our success will be depended on how much of the people we train. Training will be free for displaced citizen within that very country of establishment as we intend spreading to all countries.

3) Boost Economic Growth/Revenue

As much we intend training people on acquiring skills, we also intend producing cultural values to the market and generating profit from our exhibition. Sales of our product will aid us paying a tax of 25% profit which will boost economic growth and revenue of the country where it is established.

4) Generate Employment for the masses (displaced people inclusive)

In order to fulfill our obligation to the community and achieve our own aim, we  need to employ staff. The more staff we employ, the more production and the more profit we generate. We have made good business plan that would promote employment and reduce poverty as we intend offering jobs to our students after graduation. Since we have plans to train quite number of displaced people, our employment scheme will as well benefit them.

5) Grow to empower other young startups

RVISAC is international focus. We intend to spread to every country if possible and we have made a good plan for it. We are sure to excel as we expect to carry other young startups along by empowering them since we work in the principle of  "success is known by how many you carry along while you grow". We intend having a yearly TV program that would challenge our students by awarding the winner a price to build his/her own dream.



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