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The Rubi Health Solutions addresses the healthcare unmet needs of refugees and IDPs, based on market analysis that showed these communities spend an average of $ 50 per year out of pocket on poor healthcare and prior experience that shows they are willing to spend at least $20 per year for safe drinking water. The Rubi Health model is a fee for service model and relies on use of modern technologies (including rural broadband, telemedical software, low-cost point-of-care diagnostics, and inexpensive water treatment methods) and de-skilling of many aspects of primary care (through standardized procedures and thorough training of local staff) to bring costs within the ability/willingness to pay for most refugee households. Rubi Health provides these services directly to individuals and households in the communities it serves, typically achieving at least 50 per cent penetration of households within a few months and resulting a very high degree ofeconomic,financial benefits to the community.



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