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The continuous cultivation of available Lands causes the nutrients to reduce and as such farmers had no option than to resort to using fertilizers. Unfortunately, the handy fertilizers i.e synthetic fertilizers causes the soil to disintegrate and subsequently; the land yields poor produces or more worse becomes uncultivable.

Rufaid Agro Products which is purely Organic does not disintegrate the soil or leave any side effects on the Soil. In fact, our Purely Organic Fertilizer continue to improve the soil long after the plants have taken their nutrients: Hence the Farmers’ dire need for our Affordable and readily Available Organic Fertilizers (and other related Agro-products)!

The importance of Agriculture and Agricultural Products in the contribution to any nation’s Gross Domestic Products (GDP) can not be over emphasized. Especially the Production of Fertilizers as it is responsible for the increases and boosts the Agricultural Products.

It is however worthy of notice, that the current fertilizer market does not adequately meet farmers’ demand. In fact, the total potential demand for fertilizer among farmers in Nigeria is currently estimated at 3.5 million MT per year. However, the supply of fertilizer to farmers is estimated at only a fraction with this potential (0.6 Million MT in 2010 or 17% of demand), leaving a market gap of 2.9 million MT per year.

Our Organic Fertilizer will basically focus on serving both small and large scales farmers within the northern part of the country.

Our solution of organic fertilizer production however addresses the challenge due to the numerous benefit of Organic fertilizer over Synthetic or Inorganic Fertilizer. Some of these benefits are listed thus:

Organic Fertilizer promotes multi-nutrition: it promotes crops growth and has high fertilizer use efficiency which improves yields and quality of agricultural products.

Bio-organic fertilizers come with a lower percentage of salt when compared to synthetic fertilizers. This reduces the nitrate pollution and results to less water being needed to dilute the fertilizer.

Organic fertilizers act as soil conditioners in the sense that they improve the structure of the soil and loosen hard soils.

It has great price advantage since its main raw materials are gotten from organic and biodegradable solid waste such as food waste, pig manure, chicken manure, etc.

Creating job opportunities and increases the Nation’s GDP.



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