Rural Agro industry and Power Production

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Our Company Wesaf Energy Uk registered company owning land in rural Africa. We have developed a rural agro industrial project that will be the catalyst for social change and transformation of rural African territories. We believe the challenges facing these communities get largely ignored because the capital cost to develop projects in these areas can be off putting because enabling works must first be factored into the cost. Wesaf has developed a project model that will enable initial works to be carried out whilst having the capital to build and construct projects. Our solution will not only be the catalyst for economic growth but will have considerable climate action and provide universal access to affordable energy for our immediate target community. Through solar and biomass resources we can generate close to 20mw of power that will provide power to the grid but also be a smart mini grid for distribution within the host community. Ethanol will provide a safe clean alternative to domestic cooking needs whilst providing a solid product that we can sell on the global markets to ensure the financial sustainability of the project.



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