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  We are developing and Implementing Rural Area Broadband Internet Networks commonly known as RABBINS to help bridge the digital divides between Rural and Urban Areas. RABBINS are Community Private Membership Operated Internet Networks deployed via Satellite VSAT and Terrestrial Broadband Access, established for a Particular community and only extends into Public domain to link up geographically separated branches,leased,rented or owned by the network,As a legal requirement here in Uganda,the networks are established and operated in-line with Public Safety requirements.

No WiFi Villages are places where young generations in developing Countries begin their dreams for a better life,these Villages are characterized by high levels of Gender Based Violence,high income inequalities,Unemployment,Inadequate Access to basic healthcare,high levels of illiteracy,Food Insecurity and Service delivery,most of which affect Women and Youths.To tackle these emerging issues,we are deploying and implementing RABBINs to help transform individuals mindsets,mentalities and daily practices of development from cost driven to Investment and Wealth Creation by bridging the digital divides. We are also helping transform Communities into Professional societies driven by Information that enhance Competence development from basic to highly sophisticated skills and qualifications.We are building and developing e-Societies and ICT human resource Capabilities through establishment of organized environments that encourages networking of services,sharing Applications,Personal Entreprenuership development,Online Job Search,Recruitment,Training,Placement and setting up of e-commerce,e-farming,e-healthcare,e-learning and e-Governance Services.

RABBINS give Rural and Remote Communities a Platform to locate and interface with one another with ease and within the comforts of home,work place or even on the go.They are able to view,evaluate,socially,Economically and Politically engage and interact with their peers outside locations,Increasing their knowledge of Valuable Choices,ability to search and demand for Accountability,Equal opportunities,Gender Equality and Political representation from Governments,Monitor,Search and Apply for Employment Online anywhere in the world. We are also providing a medium to Women farmer groups in Rural Areas,Youths and Community businesses the ability to update and interact with their clients and the general Public regarding daily specials,weather changes,developments and discounts,Quick Books,Tally has simplified daily transactions,saving time and Money,Increasing Profits,New Investments,Creation of sustainable Rural Jobs,leading to drastic changes in the lives of people living in Rural and remote areas which is in-line with the UNSDGs 2030.

RABBINS are also addressing ,solving and improving human endowments by providing e-healthcare,e-learning,e-farming,e-commerce,e-Governance and other social protection services,closing the Gender gaps and also tackling emerging issues like Access to basic healthcare for an Ageing population,early childhood development,maternal healthcare,Increasing girls school enrollment through Online and Distance teaching,Innovative Mentorship and Practical skills training that Promote Economic Empowerment. We are also providing a platform that enhances Women's voice,Access to Community owned lands,Asset ownership,engagement of boys and girls on reproductive healthcare issues,Sexual orientation,Promoting positive behavior change,Masculine norms,representative Participation and decision making in local service delivery.

Lastly,we can't talk of Rural development without reducing Rural-Urban Migrations, Increase in Production,putting more emphasis on Gender Inclusion and empowerment of Women and girls.Migration from Rural/Remote Areas to Urban Cities is an Inevitable Undertaking for those seeking for a better life,Smart WiFi Villages evolving from WiFi Investments will become the most attractive places even for Urban Communities to Migrate to and this Migration from Urban Slums to Smart WiFi Villages will also become a Practical solution for reversing the Catastrophic Urbanization Process so let's build WiFi Villages one by one.



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