Rural Enterprise Development

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The social impact of this project will at the initial stage through to medium and to long term address the intrinsic social challenges. Thus every member of the community directly and indirect stand to benefit hence, addressing subtle challenges.
At the infrastructure state youth from the community will participate through labor therefore masons, carpenters,blocks molders, steel burners and painters will be employed though it will represent their contribution to the project. This will give them the opportunity to contribute to a worthy project for their community hence, giving them a sense of ownership of the project.
Secondly, This project though targeted at baskets weavers has one of its core aim of promotimg enterprise development at the community level therefore, i trust the subtle impact of this project will create opportunity to train youth(Teenage mothers, single mothers and widows) in entrepreneurial ventures, vocational training for women particularly single parents or teenage mothers or widows, this will also entail capacity building in already existing social enterprises they're involved thereby giving them required skills in business management, financial records keeping etc. This will help address the unemployment situation in the community and also bring economic independence to graduate youth and single mothers.
This project will help erase the menace of sitting under trees to produce baskets. The project when completed will have space for production hall where weavers can work without interruption or discomfort from environment.
This project will help reduce the burden of lacking raw materials as a result of walking distance to purchase straw canes also at a high cost of raw materials when weavers are given order this will be made possible through the weavers stock bank where credit through this initiative will be made to purchase straw canes in bulk and supplied to weavers are fair pricing.
This project will help address immediate social unemployment in the community through the enterprise development initiative that is expected to train youth, single mothers and widows in vocational endeavors to equip them in starting their own enterprise.
This project will help address the community social amenities problem. Our community lack the necessary social amenities like improved water supply, community training center and better school structures. We optimistic that with the completion of project weavers will attract improved sales with better global market access necessitating the investing of proceeds into social amenities.



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