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We leverage on broad penetration of mobile network coverage in Nigeria which stands at99.4% as reported by Globaleconomy (2019) to develop mobile, web and innovative platforms that provide solutions to rural and smallholder farmers, buyers and agribusiness players, enabling them have access to opportunities and resources, whereby reducing food loss along Africa’s agricultural value chains and ensuring sustainable food production.

It is reported that 50 million smallholder farmers population in Nigeria still do not have access to improved agricultural services, nor have access to market (CGAP, 2017).This data exposes a 70% gap between total available market and serviceable obtainable market for food and agricultural services, hence, causing over 60 million people either malnourished or go to bed hungry. Our innovative platforms were developed to bridge the gap and provideadvance viable food production systems, while implementing resilience agricultural practices inrural communities and transforming them to agricultural economic hub.


FarmX: Mobile Apps for Farm Optimization and Food Security (Downloadable from Google playstore)

farmX mobile Application creates a platform for farmers/agribusinesses and food value chain players to connect for service effectiveness and optimum productivityand allows them increase efficiency and income.

It offers solution to smallholder farmers by bringing services such as disease diagnosing, livestock feed delivery etc. to the farm gate using their mobile phone, and its flexibility, accessibility & functionalities eases the course of farming, whereby attracting more youths into agribusiness and farming.

FarmX Mobile App offers services such as:

  • Profiling of agribusinesses, farmers, interns logistics services and agro-allied service providers
  • Training for farmers and agribusinesses (online and offline )
  • Hiring of interns for farms (Reducing labour cost while building ecosystem for next generation farmers)
  • Farmers access to veterinary services
  • Farmers access to improved seed companies
  • Farmers access to extension services
  • Farmers access to agriculture insurance
  • Farmers access to agriculture loan
  • Farmers access to legal service for farmers and vice versa
  • Hiring of farm tools and equipment
  • Selling and buying of agro-inputs, farm produce and agro-product
  • Training/support service for intending farmers andJoining of cooperatives

It also optimises farm processes by providing services such as logistics and Agro-allied to farmers to help them access market. It assembles all the food chain sellers and buyers in the same virtual location which give sellers the deepest pool of buyers and vice versa. farmX creates a platform that reaches rural farmers and traders and aggregates their product for transaction on one platform ,whereby reducing post-harvest losses.

It accelerates services and networking opportunities, while improving capacity development for women farmers, intending farmers and agribusiness players.

El-kanis farmers’ switchboard (Ibibio Dialect +234-8021810028)

EL-kanis Farmers’ switchboard is the first farmers’ local dialect Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform that automates telephony system technology and interact with farmer caller, gathering the required information and request from farmers and routing the calls to the particular appropriate services such as veterinary service, Agric extension services, market access and input suppliers.

With our modern, sophisticated IVR systems, we gather requests and input from farmers through spoken words with the voice recognition. Conversations are pre-recorded, generated audio which assists, directs and guides farmers automatically with or without a live operator.

Advantages of El-kanis Farmer’s switchboard Interactive Voice Response

Better Farmers Service With any question or request that a farmer might have, a quick response is always available. The response is informative and time efficient, and all one has to do, is to follow the instructions from the set menu. This means answering a call on the first ring, thereby reducing farmers wait time and cutting call volume, and saving time for both the client and company.

Unlimited Farmers Access Farmers can make use of the IVR systems at any time of their convenience as it performs its task 24 hours a day within 7 days a week. While office hours, holidays, and breaks dictate and limit employee availability, IVR systems are always at the farmers’ disposal.

This then means that a farmer can receive most or all the services whenever he or she needs it. While the option of having a live representative may still appeal to some, with the help of an IVR system, farmers now have unlimited access to extension services, input, veterinary services, loan and market access

Wider Personalization EL-kanis farmers switchboard allow for tremendous personalization that helps to create a better relationship with farmers. Besides addressing a caller by their name, the system can also identify and share any additional information specific to them. This could mean wishingthe caller a happy marriage anniversary, or any other noteworthy occasion.

In addition to programming caller information, EL-kanis farmers switchboard IVR systems come with several language options which are tailored to specific farmers dialect. In either case, it will make the farmers feel more comfortable in the long run.

Farmers Experience IVR To sustain the growth of our company, we do consider effective management of farmers’ experience. This is majorly through automation, and that’s the reason we have to consider IVR. This, in the long run, build trust and put a smile on the farmers’ face.

We also use IVR system to connect farmers to buyers through facilitation of two
way dialogues. This help the farmers have quick access to market and services.



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