Rural Grain Handling and Initial Processing

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The world is moving from the traditional line production system towards a more efficient matrix production system that is a requisite variable for the success of blockchain. 

Over the past decade we have noticed tremendous change in the digital market that led to the onset of agriculture 4.0 and big data capabilities. It is estimated that in the next 10 years each farm will be generating 220,000 data points in the age of big data analysis.

With all these data points being spread by the advancement in agriculture increasing food production as it is noticed, the solution to the delivery also lies in an advanced matrix system that is centrally managed matching demand of products to the nearest production source in a networked way.

This we have tested and verified to be true and replicable with other crops using similar remote connected small to medium size processing units of high mobility e g juice processors by whom I have visited and are in agreement with the concept and together we working with to test the fish industry to complete a whole dietary cycle for the increasing population especially in Africa.

The ministry of agriculture animal industry and fisheries in Uganda is in support of this investment and has encouraged to invest up to US 70m to build and operate this agripark where the required mills are manufactured locally and distributed to qualified farmers on the network.



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