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We all know that the electricity is one of the biggest problems of the rural areas and of course the main problem of the people who lives there. Rural areas have less infrastructure; therefore, making access to power and lighting more difficult and costlier. Therefore, slow progress of some rural villages is because of not having enough energy supply. But of course, in every problem there is always a solution.

According to survey. “Access to electricity has a positive impact on a wide range of factors influencing rural communities, from improved health to better educational facilities and improved standard of living,” or in other words energy is important or one of the requirements to develop the civilization in their villages. By providing lighting in rural areas, there is an increase in education, technologies, health, safety and security. More rural places will use this type of portable products as their renewable energy, these products will definitely can help them to solve their problem because this is easy to install, eco friendly, easy to use, reliable and also cost effective which can afford any villagers.

The main goal of this project is to solve major problems of Rural areas. We can solve many problems using this project. This project is divided into three part or we can say that we can use this project for multipurpose. We can use this project as a Portable Solar Inverter when we face the problem of electricity as well this CubetRoniX is computer itself so we can use it for education or technological purpose and we implement in this CubetRoniX Wireless Switch so we can control our Electric water pump wirelessly through this project.



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