Rural-urban Eco-stabilization

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Climate change is now a global threat as we all know due to increase in the amount of greenhouse gases emission into the atmosphere. Many countries especially the developing ones have suffered and are prone to severe hazards in some years coming if proper action is not taken. Taking Nigeria as a case study, due to the issue of global warming, some part of it recorded a temperature of 47°C at 2018 claiming to be the highest temperature ever recorded in the region. There are several campaigns, advocacies, tree planting exercises display done by government and non-governmental organizations to create awareness against climate change. What we realize is that all these activities only roam in the urban areas leaving behind rural communities despite covering 880,103km2 out of the total 923,768km2 of her land mass. Therefore this project is aiming to educate the rural communities on the problem of global warming as well as the role of trees in solving the problem. Tree planting exercise and developing a renewable energy plant to water them easily, is also part of the project which will not only help in reducing global warming but improve them through many aspects of a sustainable living.

Coming down to the city being a place enraged with water and soil pollution caused by plastic bags and other products of fossil fuel which are also large contributors to climate change we aim to make it free from that by establishing recycling Centers and turning them into useful materials. Ensuring a zero waste city and an eco-friendly rural community is our target.



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