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We reverse engineer chemicals to eliminate fluids then packaged in instantly dis solvable sachets.
Drastically reduce the cost of shipping by up to 97% (Why pay to ship water?)
Drastically reduce the storage required for the storage of chemicals
Reduce the incidents of spillage and over dosage
No water is shipped – 1 tonne of conventional chemicals is replaced by 10kg of Sachets.
Low space requirement – 1 m3 conventional product becomes 0.01 m3
No user contact with concentrated chemicals – Chemicals safely held inside PVA film
No manual handling risk – 10L of conventional product is approx 10kg – 10L worth of sachets is 100g
Once diluted the liquid is NOT classified under GHS
No plastic waste to remove other than fold flat packaging which is recyclable or biodegradable (A new compostable package is in development)
All products are ethically developed and approved
Just add water & shake
No language or learning issues
Colour coded to BICS
Dosing bottles are still hugely wasteful, our system uses 15kg LESS plastic per cleaner per year compared todosing systems
Ready to use is totally wasteful, our system uses 20kgs LESS plastic per cleaner per year than RTU
3 years shelf life (kept dry)
Cost & dosing certainty
Positive change without increasing costs



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