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About Solution

Assessment is an effective and directive tool helps us make the data-driven decision. Through two steps:

  • Answering a questionnaire
  • Getting evaluation and recommendations report based on data.

The challenge that researchers in the Arab world face job poverty as well as their need to marketing their scientific products, such as assessments. This means a lack of researchers' inclusion in business and inclusive trade.

Our solution is a digital platform (SABR Assessment Center that hosts the researchers' assessments. The user answers the assessment questionnaire, then an automated recommendation report will be generated in PDF format.

The roles of the center are

  • Finding researchers that have assessments
  • Testing and developing the assessment by SABR consultants
    the company that developed the center.
  • Promoting the assessments and researchers' profiles within business sectors.

Our solution has been tested with thousands of Arab users from different sectors.

The Impact:

  • Researchers have an innovative channel that helps sell their assessments (the researcher has a percentage of assessments online sales).
  • Business sectors will use effective scientific tools that enable them to make data-driven decisions, thus reduce costs, diagnose problems, and create smart solutions. That includes different economic sectors: education, health, retail, psychological issues, etc.
  • The economy will be motivated by inclusive trade by supporting neglected academic researchers.According to the UNSECO report on Higher Education in 2014, there are tens of thousands of Arab researchers in Higher Education, for example, about 27,000 in Morocco, 48,000 in Egypt, etc.

Therefore, on this online platform, we are interested in all aspects of human life and sectors of society in order to achieve inclusive trade with a really valuable segment, the researchers!



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