Safe water powered by smartphone battery

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Purifying water in case of emergency or in a remote place, we find ourselves with three problems:

We do not have energy to supply the purification devices.
devices are usually expensive.
devices need to be used by someone with technical knowledge.
devices must be portable.
Our project consists of cleaning very dirty water anywhere with a portable device (560 g). For this we use a special ultrafiltration membrane that repels particles and allows the device to work for hours in extreme conditions, such as humanitarian emergencies.
Removes 99.99% of bacteria and 100% of turbidity.
We only need to connect the device to a smartphone and the 3 watts of power will be enough to operate the device, generating up to 50 liters per hour of safe drinking water. Need only 1 minute to work. Is plug & play
The devices are priced at less than 300 euros in the version that includes a power bank and less than 200 euros for devices that the power bank is optional.
With power bank, a Waterologies Pure Water Phone Box device can purify up to 4000 liters per day.
The filters last 2 years or a million gallons and are easily cleanable.
Why connected to a smartphone? There are more than 5000 million smartphones in the world, even in the most remote places. Using a telephone as a power source to disinfect large quantities of water with minimal consumption is, de facto, that each telephone is a source of health.
Our goal is to manufacture basic equipment below 100 euros by 2020.
Health begins with a bacteria free water. That is what Waterologies can guarantee anywhere in the world
Come with us to make a healthier world, where there´s no safe water is not possible prosperity.
PS: Waterologies is United Nations supplier nº 466573.



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