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Problem Summary

  • More than 5 trillion plastics pieces still afloat!

  • 381 milliontonnesof plastics produced annually!

  • * 90.5% of these plastics wastes has never been recycled! (plastics are converted to plastics = moreplastics !; p>0.05).

Solution Summary

Modular shoes recycled from plastic wastes which enables you to change as many as shoes as possible with same sole just by changing the flaps, thus significantly reducing the global carbon footprint and cost of wearing at least an extra shoe. Global impact of carbon footprint would become negligible, wastes generated from these shoes would be used to produce same shoe;thusresulting in a circular economy.

Social Impact

  • 0.5kgof plastic wastes = 1 standard shoe​

  • 1kg of plastic wastes =2shoes​

  • ~ 381 milliontonnesof plastic wastes produced annually =381,000,000,000 kg​

  • 381,000,000,000 kg * 2 =762,000,000,000 shoes!!!​

  • Our target is to produce 3,200,000 shoes/year​

  • Our average shoe is$41.44; profit/shoe is$27.9.5% is $1.395​

  • ~ 100 million Children go hungry/year = ~ 280,000 children starved/day and 3 children starved/second​

  • In a year, we would have contributed $4,464,000of our profits to the cause of feeding over 1,100,000 starving children, and converted over 160,000 tonnes of plastics to wearable shoes!​



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