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According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of 13 people have asthma. Trends of asthma mortality rates vary very widely across countries. More than 200,000  people die every year because of the unavailability of asthma pump during the time of asthmatic attack. In some cases people forget to carry their medicines or inhalers with them, while going out, which lead to severe consequences. For instance it is possible that a person took the pump in the purse while going out but in the way the purse was stolen or lost and during this time the person gets the attack, this can be fatal. Keeping this in mind we propose our solution which can save many lives in future. With the increase in pollution, the problems for asthma patients have increased manifold. Pollution is more of a risk for people with asthma because the pollutants, for example  traffic fumes,it can quickly irritate your airways and trigger asthma symptoms. All this can result in a severe and sudden asthma attack which can be fatal as well.SANJEEVAN is an innovative invention that aims to provide a unique way to carry asthma inhalers. The above mentioned problem can be addressed by adding a modification to a wrist watch. This modification contains a coiled tube which will contain the liquid used in the inhalers. This will help people in case of sudden emergencies. Further, the device will have markings to indicate the level of liquid left in the inhaler. To sum it all up, our product will serve as a miniature inhaler fitted within a watch which is easy to carry and effective to use. Since the base is made up of metal instead of plastic like in normal tubes,it is also very eco friendly. Our product is also a one time investment as it can last for almost 10 years if maintained properly.

            Since the mechanism for inhalers regarding breathing problems is same we can use this  device for curing many other lung diseases .Further we will include medication for COPD   (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) for which commonly metered dose inhalers are used both in stable state and lung attacks. We will also include nicotine inhaler as an option for cigarette smokers to get nicotine without using tobacco. Nicotine inhalers are healthier     than e-cigarettes, as suggested by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).Our product works on Bernoulli’s principle, which is applicable in a spray. Any spray works like an atomizer. When the rubber ball or in this case pump is pressed, it sends a stream of air which passes through the tube. The velocity of the air is very large in the constricted part of the tube so that the pressure in that part is lowered. Consequently liquid rises in the tube and is mixed with air and comes out in the form of a fine spray. Our device be fitted with a watch as it consist of a rubber belt from two sides ,which provides an attachment to the belt of the wrist watch. The strip has a round attachment made up of metal, the main attachment consist of two parts. The first one being a coiled tube which will contain the liquid medicine and the second is the button which is on the opposite side of the spray opening. The most important part is the spray opening which consist of a pipe which is at one end of the watch opposite to the button from where the medicine will be sprayed out. The middle device is re-attachable so when the medicine is finished the person just needs to refill the middle attachment.  


The most common question asked is “why you used watches? “ so to answer the question is , we conducted a survey. A survey among our peers about what are the things which they generally don’t forget while going out. We got the top results here as phone, wallet and wrist watch. So know you may ask why not phone or wallet so for that I would say that seeing the cases of robbery in many countries ,these two are the easiest target for thieves. Also if we compare the convenience of spraying the content in the mouth we can see that a wrist watch can directly be used for that purpose.

We want our product to reach to everyone in need, that is everyone suffering from Asthma. Although we specially want to prioritize small kids and old age patients because of several reasons. Some of them being that they generally tend to forget to carry their inhalers everytime and everywhere .Other reason being during attack they are more helpless in compared to adults.

Our targeted customers will belong to the Indian market in the start. This product will be initially launched in the Indian markets .Customers will include people suffering from asthma who need regular medication to prevent any further complications. Metropolitan cities will have a larger turnover as due to the increased pollution level there are more cases of asthma.

For our initial project we will focus and target asthma for the first few years but with growing time we may include many other diseases related to this mechanism. Since the mechanism for inhalers regarding breathing problems is same we can use this device for curing many other lung diseases by just changing the medicine filled in the spiral tube .Further we will include medication for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), nicotine inhaler and many other health problem related to this mechanism.



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