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SATCocoa Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) app aim to propel the cocoa sector in West Africa with low cost data-driven satellite technology services to significantly enrich cocoa farming. Currently piloted in Ghana to a targeted 250,000 of a total 800,000 cocoa farmers,it is an innovation to reach smallholder cocoa farmers with localised satellite-derived information and services to improve their productivity and sustainability. It is designed to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven trained data points and remotely sensed satellite imagery parameters to create individualised Cocoa Farm Management Plans (CFMP) as handholding guide for rural cocoa farmers over a six-year period. See our beta app (version 1) on Amazon Appstore:

Ghana is the world’s second largest exporter of cocoa, but many of the country’s smallholder cocoa farmers are poor. The cocoa trees are aging and highly vulnerable to pests and diseases, and productivity is low. However, many of these farmers can significantly increase their yields by applying good agricultural practices (GAP) and basic investments in their farms, if they are given advice and support that is localised and specific to their needs with data-driven space technology and basic cellphone technologies.

SATCocoa app is driving an innovative machine-learning based digital service that can prepare, manage, and monitor farm performance for individual cocoa farmers in Ghana. SATCocoa app deploys satellite imagery and digital tools to make cocoa farming more accurate, impactful, and affordable.

The satellite-derived digital Cocoa Farm Management Plans is a specialised agronomic model for cocoa farms, providing a planning and monitoring tool, available over the farmers’ mobile devices. The tool enables farmers to map-out the future of their farms as SATCocoa app allows information to flow back to rural smallholder farmers to prioritize farming actions.



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