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The current poultry health care is often lengthy as lack of veterinarians which consumes time, resources and delay in effective treatment. Hundreds of thousands of people in Cameroon and other poorer countries make a living from poultry farming, so disease outbreaks devastate their economies. The increasing mortality of chickens is due to diseases such as Newcastle which can kill your entire flock in a very short time. On average, 1 out of every 7 chicks dies. In 2017, Cameroon recorded over 4 million deaths. This growing problem is costing Cameroonian poultry over $5 Million economic losses yearly especially Small/medium scale poultry farmers. 90% of these farmers are women and youths without expert knowledge in poultry farming. The solution is SAVE THE CHICKENS App which uses Artificial intelligence (AI) to perform instant disease diagnosis by scanning chicken’s droppings; screens, analyzed to display the results and prescribes the needed treatment by matching the confirmed diagnosis. It efficiently identifies and discretely recognizes while evaluating the examined images to optimized the diagnosis with more than 95 percent accuracy. The app performed similar to a well-trained veterinarian, and generates decision on each case with referred for treatment within 30 seconds. It’s able to review more than 200,000 scans conducted the same time within a minute and solves the problems of increasing mortalities which confirms 1 out of every 50 chicken now dies a natural death. The technology will not only benefit Cameroon, but could be rolled out to other developing countries. This promotes decent work for farmers with our pay -as-you-go revenue model of $1 USD per diagnosis. With the SAVE THE CHICKENS APP, mortalities of chickens will be eliminated which will increase the profit margins for poultry farmers. Chickens will becomes cheaper in the market and affordable for the common man. A disease free chicken will provides quality protein source which it’s very vital for human consumption. Job creation will increase as many persons will be interested in the poultry industry for its safety.



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