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We are a startup specialized in education technology, after much research and studies we found many problems in schools and their traditional teaching methods, and because schools and parents have a crucial role in shaping the children’s personality and an effect on the growing future generations we decided to center our focus on the student by developing SCHOOL CONNECT.

SCHOOL CONNECT is a platform that provides the parents with and easy solution to monitor their child and communicate with the school, it also makes the school’s job a lot easier and it pushes both sides to keep constant focus on the student.

Because we care about the early growth stages of the child and we want his character to develop in a healthy way we have many goals in the development of our product which will be a strategic plan executed gradually.

And through analyzing the student’s data we will be able to help both the parent and the school discover the student’s strengths and assisting them in developing these strengths as well as uncovering the student’s problems and weaknesses in order to provide the necessary support to solve them.

And through the analysis of this data we will be able to determine a way to handle each student dependently according to his/her personality and behavior, this platform will be more than just communication.

After analyzing the schools and educational environment in our country we discovered that nearly all schools in Libya lack technology and the awareness of its importance, we also discovered a serious lack of awareness in the parents concerning the importance of communication with the school and sharing the educational process of their children.

The results also showed a lack of realization from the schools to the importance of the child’s early development stages in shaping the child’s character and how big the effect the school has in defining the future of the child.

The incompetence of the social and psychological specialists in dealing with the students in considered one of the most dangerous points that was repeated in most schools.

We had to take into consideration all the previous points in developing the first version of SCHOOL CONNECT so that we will be able to make a change in this environment, the product had to check these following points:

-          We opted for simplicity so the usage can be easy for non-technological savvy people.

-          We focused on the value of the information the system delivers to the parents about his child on a constant manner, and the most important part we focused on are the academic and behavioral reports and their integrity and accuracy, so the teachers and specialists in the school have to be competent in order to perform the necessary work assigned to them and to achieve a proper communication with the parents, and to achieve that we provided internationally accredited trainers to provide professional training to the teachers and specialists throughout the school year, the subjects they are trained on include ( how to write student related reports – how to discover student skills – how to notice student’s behavior and how to tackle it – how to properly communicate with the parent – introduction to the psychological problems and how to handle them – how to write a report to the parent – how to deal with learning difficulty – how to deal with the student’s social issues...etc. ) and others put by our team of certified trainers.



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