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On a daily basis, there is an ever increasing rate of drop outs and even a more increasing rate of uneducated people. Can we have a world where everyone has access to education, one in which academics and school actually becomes fun. A world where right along side teachings and educational materials, the young generation is been taught and built on their skills and talents. One where you're given a chance and platform of doing what you love as a student , an entrepreneur not forgetting or letting go of your talent. Having one in which everything is been imbibed to make education really wort it. Making it something that every one yearns for. The world is here!!!


An interavtive, educational, creative and mind changing online community. A digital ever increasing assembly of full curriculum studies in divers subjects and fields of study, personal skill and talent improvement and a platform to Express one self. School Fun Is Built Under Three Main Functionality

-Education: Working with divers institutions and academics we draft out plans and form in which students can access every material needed for divers of courses and major of studies. Imbibing the method of team work projects, Forum topics and talk, quizzes and a more interactive method of Education. Video's and tutorials are kept in place by the use of video vectorization technology for producing video contect for instructional purposes. Which is of a great importance as it helps lowers the file size with the Optimum Maximization of video quality and an unending avalability of content offline. Which helps and enhances data management.

-Sociality: Digital technology is on an ever increasing spread with divers of technologies and a world built about social media. We call this the Ultimate Student Platform in which we get an online community of student and also divers of networking of student around the world. Ranging from news fields to Social News to Social Engagements and ability of student to network with one another around the world and share contents in divers of Education, Skills And Talents

- Optimum Maximization of Skills And Talent: A platform is been given for a maximum optimization of divers skills and talent by having divers of skill and talent club with ever improving task, group project and activities a platform to show what you can do, a platform of expression thereby not only giving a student an Educational life but also creating a side by side assurance of a future where Education along side with Skill and Talent Maximization is Provided. 



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