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Every child is born with a strong sense of curiosity that inspires a spirit of discovery and learning. Parent’s warnings like “Don’t fiddle with it, or you will break it” or “Don’t touch it, you will get hurt”, often said to children as they grow up, can inhibit their curiosity, turning it unknowingly into fear. When we developed the Twin Science Kits, we imagined that we could foster children’s inherent curiosity rather than overwhelm them. We intended to show them how fun and easy science is.

'Science Movement from Anatolia' project aims to make children, who lives in disadvantageous conditions, love science, robotics and coding. YGA Volunteers (YGA -Young Guru Academy- is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in Turkey in 2000. It aims to cultivate double winged youth – meaning both socially conscious and competent), chosen among 50 thousand high school and university students, organize science sessions by conducting unique experiments using Twin Science Kits and specially designed unique curriculum with the visually-impaired, Syrian immigrant, state-protected children and students in village schools. Also, teaching their teachers via face-to-face training and an online platform. Thanks to Global Maker Challenge, we want to scale up the project by reaching more students and teachers for training, sending them science kits and increase the effectiveness of the project. 



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