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Who we are:

Via bioengineering, Scobium can make bacterial cellulose durable enough to be used as an eco-friendly plastic alternative. Our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic produced by working with manufacturers to substitute a portion of their output with our material, hence reducing plastic consumption, and ultimately eliminating plastic waste. Through licensing our patented textile, Scobium will teach industries to scale the product themselves, thus creating a circular economy.

Business Model:

We are a biotech business-to-business manufacturing and consulting group. We act as a third party entity that licenses the right to plastic manufacturers to produce our bacterial cellulose textile. Our service is to provide our partners with the knowledge and equipment necessary to run a successful operation. This service includes routine check-ups to ensure their production is running smoothly and successfully.

The cost of our designed machines that will automate the production of Scobium textiles are subsidized from the cost of the licensing fee. Due to the 3-dimensional nature of the machines, they are customizable to fit the manufacturer's desired operation size and can be further scaled with additional arrangements. Depending on the needs of our partners and their textile production, a small percentage of their net profit will be paid to us.

The Scobium business model has two types of target audiences:

  • B2B bioplastic manufacturers and
  • B2C eco-conscious brands. In the case of no. 1, we form joint ventures where we can pilot test Scobium products and introduce it to the market. In the case of no. 2, we approach brands that are interested in showcasing new eco-friendly products and we work with their manufacturers to produce our textiles.

We function as a hybrid for-profit and non-profit as we plan to donate a minimum of 5% of all of our net profits to ocean cleaning projects.



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