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Scrapays uses technology to facilitates the recovery of recyclable material in developing nations.

By allowing individuals and businesses sell their scrap and scrapable materials at premium prices through a multi-use platform (USSD, Mobile and Web). Deploying a fund and operations management software to informal small and medium scale businesses whom are involved in material collection to mitigate typical losses involved in the supply value chain.

The Scrapays Mobile Application and USSD solution, employs a reward system mechanism, this allows waste producers to get paid directly in there Scrapays Wallet for giving out sorted waste. This reward is redeemable as direct cash payment, Mobile recharge credit, or shopping credit on the Scrapays Mart. This concept allows Waste producers to get paid for producing waste.

Our USSD and Mobile App allows waste producers get direct cash reward for sorting and giving there waste to our evenly distributed mobile street collectors,available via a ping on the app/USSD, or our station based partner collectors (Independent collection Cabins, supermarts, malls eateries, etc).

The app/USSD allows the waste producers connect the closest collector.

At the point of collection the sorted material is weighed, using an IOT portable digital scales, which communicates directly with the collectors app, without any human interference, after which the direct monetary equivalence is disbursed into the collectors Scrapays wallet. This funds can be directly transferred to the individuals account, used for mobile recharge credit or purchase on our partner marts.

Our web listing platform allows for industrial listing of recyclables (Plastic,Metal,Lead, Copper,Aluminium, Paper) and “out of use” machineries, cars, trucks and equipment.



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