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Indonesia is the second best contributor of plastic to the sea in the world. It is estimated by end of 2025 we are going to have more plastic waste in the sea than fish and other animal in the sea. This is very worrying for me as a citizen of Indonesia and a human on Earth. That is my reason on building Scrapiro, a platform that allows all of us, individual, organization and company to get connected in a supply demand chain of scrap through digital platform.

Scrapiro is an open platform that allows broad scrap recycling app to list and get listing from Scrapirothrough API (Application Programming Interface) Call. Scrapirois also a marketplace that allows people to sell and buy scrap around the world (Multi currencies feature that allow people around the world to utilise this technology and open for partnership with organization and companies who interested to maintain Scrapiro in their own country. Our language base of the system is English. For the moment, we allows google translation for the system, so people who want to use Scrapiro in their native language, can automatically change the language to theirs.

Scrapiro comprises of SOURCE, CHECKPOINT and RECYCLING CENTER. What are those?

SOURCE is individual, organization or even company who has scrap to be recycled

CHECKPOINT is a proxy location where scrap will be collected, usually with radius of 1
5 KM each

RECYCLING CENTER is an organization or company that has technology to recycle scrap

To try out Scrapiro, we built PWA (Progressive Web App) by Google at

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