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The Seahorse System is a system works on closing the food loop by utilizing anaerobic digestion on a micro-scale level. We have designed a convenient and portable system that is easily installed. This system can be installed in small neighborhoods, greenhouses, and grocery stores. By implementing this system, it works just like a stomach--taking in food that has been wasted and converting it into gas and a sludge. The gas can be separated and the methane can be taken and combusted to be turned into energy. The sludge is taken out, diluted, and is used as a fertilizer, soil amendment, and compost accelerator.

The top of our system has been specifically design to be a hydroponic system, so that the fertilizer and electricity can directly be used to grow more food, utilizing much less water, electricity, and land area than traditional agriculture.

The prototype of this system has been running since May of 2019 and this particular bacteria batch has been running since August. We regularly collect over 100 lbs of food waste per week and have produced over 300 gallons of nutrient dense fertilizer, that can be doubled when correctly diluted. We provide many tours and run educational programs about sustainably throwing out food (through compost and our own system), as well as sustainable food growth in our hydroponic system.

We are Ecotone Renewables, we are closing the food loop, and we are creating a 21st century food system.



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