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rural transformation and zero hunger will be realized if the availability of food can be guaranteed as a whole.

I realized that, in Indonesia, farmers experience the same problems every year, namely lack of superior seeds, lack of sufficient agricultural land, lack of water, lack of funds for operations, difficulty in getting fertilizers and pest medicine, and lack of good support on how to manage agriculture correctly.

however, another major problem is that it is difficult for farmers to market their agricultural products domestically, while in other countries there are many people who lack food.

through the above problems, I proposed an idea to help farmers realize their every need into reality through a mobile application called SEFF (Seeds For Farmers).

Through this application, each farmer's needs will be guaranteed.

  • Financing, this application will be an intermediary platform between farmers and investors with crowdfunding systems, where investors will invest their funds in each farmer's needs that are proposed and not in the form of money.
  • Superior seeds, this application will provide information about superior seeds available in the market and ready to be bought and distributed to farmers.
  • land, through this application, farmers or investors can consider buying agricultural land by looking directly at the information of land available for purchase and use.
  • fertilizers and pest drugs, this application will provide all information about fertilizers and medicinal pests that are sold in the market with their use and how to use them.
  • the market, in order to maintain the stability of agricultural prices, farmers can distribute their products to each partner who wants to buy food ingredients, both domestically and abroad through the features provided by the application.
  • tools, farmers can submit the tools they need to investors so they can be financed.

by helping farmers get all the support for agricultural needs, I am very confident that the availability of food can be guaranteed, and people who are currently starving can be helped by abundant agricultural output.

every program I designed above focuses on SDGs as follows:

  • No poverty, empowers farmers to be more productive in agriculture with accurate information on how to start, manage and produce good agriculture.
  • Zero Hunger, distributing food ingredients produced by agriculture to places where they are needed so that agricultural products can be absorbed properly and prices remain stable.
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth, with good marketing and right on target, farmers will get good profits and be able to improve their economy.
  • partnership for the goals, every support for farmers to provide their needs involves many parties such as IoT companies, investors, national and international markets.



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