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What is Seekewa?

Seekewa is the first crowdfunding platform that helps smallholder farmers in Africa to find all the resources they need to successfully carry out their projects.Seekewa is committed to transforming African small farmers into successful entrepreneurs by raising funds on their behalf and then providing them with tools, inputs, training, assistance and business support. Beyond that, our mission is to improve the livelihoods of people in rural areas with concrete actions in domains such as food security, health, financial inclusion, youth employment and gender equity.


In 2018, there were nearly 50 millions of smallholder farmers in Africa. These, although providing up to 80% of the continent’s food, are however among the poorest and most vulnerable populations in the world. Despite huge amounts released by public and private sector to support agriculture, efforts keep failing short due to a lack of structure throughout the value chain and a far too often inadequate approach.


  • Difficulty in accessing financing: only 1% of very African small farmers have access to finance
  • Financial exclusion: only 12% of the rural population in Africa has access to mobile payment
  • Post-harvest losses: about 60% of crops in sub-Saharan Africa are lost before they can be sold
  • Gender inequality: only 10% of rural women in Africa have access to land and credit


  • Access to finance:no contribution or guarantee is required to obtain a financing through ourcrowdfunding platform valued in points. Organizations (private companies, foundations, institutions, ONG, etc.) and individuals around the world can contribute, which maximize the chances of success
  • Financial inclusion: 100% of our transactions are made via mobile payment
  • Post-harvest optimization: 100% of our projects benefit from sales support(transport, markets, etc.)
  • Gender equity: 70% of our projects are led by women
  • Food security: 100% of our projects concern subsistence farming
  • Sustainable agriculture: 100% of our projects are in accordance with the principles of sustainability

Our 7-steps process

  • Seekewa diligently conducts surveys collects field data and then assesses the viability and profitability of projects with trusted agricultural cooperatives
  • Projects that have not received sufficient support by the due date will have their points returned to the supporters
  • Eligible projects are published on so that supporters can help them by assigning points
  • For successful campaigns no cash is given. Instead goods and services are delivered and billed at cost price to farmers in accordance with payment terms agreed
  • Seekewa and the technical partners supervise the implementation of projects and advise and supervise farmers
  • Seekewa helps to market crops under its own Fairtrade label through its network of buyers (wholesalers, manufacturers, local markets, etc.)
  • At regular intervals Seekewa returns to supporters the points corresponding to the payments received from the farmer

Our digital tools
The crowdfunding web platform

  • Redeemable e-vouchers purchase
  • Available for organizations (companies, foundations, ONG, local communities, institutions, etc.) and individuals
  • Detailed information of the farmers and their needs
  • Detailed monitoring of project progress
  • Extensive statistics dashboard

Seekewa Insights
The data collection app in the field

  • Advanced surveys for socio-economic investigations
  • Designed for tablet and phone
  • Off-grid technology

Seekewa Track
The fully customized SMS and vocal assistant for smallholders

  • Agricultural advice based on the precise geolocation of parcels of land, the project progress, the soil analysis and the crop type
  • SMS / Vocal message capabilities
  • Different languages available

Seekewa Exchange
The auction marketplace for crops by SMS

  • Auction chatbot system for crop sales and purchases
  • SMS-based

What does make Seekewa unique?

Four things makes Seekewa unique :

  • Our focus on subsistence agriculture to directly address food security and poverty
  • Ourinterest-freein-kind contributions to fight corruption and squandering
  • Our innovative e-voucher model valued in reusable points ensuring the sustainability
  • Ourcommitment to farmers from A to Z throughour farmer-centeredintegrated platform

SDGs and us

Seekewa directly addresses the following 5 SDGs :

  • Goal 1: No Poverty (Easy access to finance / Revenue increase)
  • Goal 2: Zero Hunger (Subsistence crops focus)
  • Goal 5: Gender Equality (Rural women empowerment)
  • Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth (Post-harvest management / Improvement of community livelihoods)
  • Goal 13: Climate Action (Responsible agriculture)
  • Goal 17: Partnerships for Goals (Blended finance through an integrated platform)



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