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Arabic-speakers face one the biggest digital divide in terms of content in the world. Arabic digital content amounts up to 5% online for nearly 500 million people (vs. 14% French content for 100M speakers). This digital divide impacts more youth between the age of 15 and up as they are the ones building their knowledge and perspective of the world while reading content online.

Besides this, the Arabic Internet faces another problem: the reachability of the existing information online.According to a study by, 58% of Arab digital millennials struggle to find relevant online content in Arabic. 70% of the region's youth only speaks Arabic. We need to create a system that readily deploys Arabic content in the easiest manner.

Sejaal Inc is an online personalised feed of quality Arabic media and educational content.

Sejaal is a web platform where Arabic-speakers can discover and read relevant articles in Arabic from the best digital publishers around the world. We created a calm reading environment where people can engage meaningfully with knowledge and information.

We filter the web for quality magazines, blogs, and newspapers in Arabic. Our ranking model is based on a totally new category: Relevance. Our filter criteria are: good design, credible editorial content, and relevance of topics. We distribute their published articles on a daily basis to our users through RSS Feed Model or through specially written algorithm for each website.

We focus on distributing articles from magazines first, blogs second, and then newspapers. We want to give more room for general knowledge content and stories that have more relevance on the long term rather than breaking news. We currently have an index of just over 750 quality local publications as well as regional editions of international publications.

How does this work for the user?

Our users choose their interests out of a list of 19 themes and their respective smaller topics (hashtags) . Example: Literature
Poetry. They receive articles on their interests on a beautifully personalized feed board.

The themes are: Business, Education, Home, Entertainment, Technology, Literature, Health, Politics, Society, Science, Arts, Personal Growth, Fashion, Beauty, History, Food, Sports, Nature, Industry.

Users participate in the curation of the most interesting stories by high-fiving stories they enjoyed. Most high-five stories appear first.

The content is displayed according to our own internal scoring of the websites in terms of quality and credibility of design, editorial content, and relevance of topics. We prioritise citizen media websites, who score always high on credibility of design, relevance of topics, and editorial content but that for marketing budget restrictions do not get the number of readership they deserve. Major Social Media like have killed organic reach which was one the main free distribution channel for these websites. Today, they are constrained to pay sponsored post in the hope to get the clicks they desperately need.

We exist to support and promote these content creators for free as well as increase their number faithful readership who reads every day.

As such, we hope to close this critical gap of accessing quality content and provide the Arab world with a possibility to entertain and grow its digital knowledge economy.



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