Self Electric Generator

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My invention SEG (Self Electric Generator) is an equipment that produces electricity without using any kind the fossil fuel neither hydrogen. SEG does not release any gas that affect the environment. SEG will provide a solution to SDG7: affordable electricity for everyone. Also, home auto-energized can be envision reducing the electric public grids: home appliances auto-energized. SEG is not affected by harsh environmental conditions like hurricanes, typhoons, snowfall, hail or solar coronal mass ejection. Currently, I am looking for funding to make a more potent SEG capable to energize the e-cars as well as drone-batteries. Furthermore, I am looking for a partner to help me with the business plan (I do not have experience on it) and funding to make SEG available for everyone in the world. With SEG need for superbatteries, superchargers or electrical network will be reduce.SEG can participate also in other two challenge (rural transformation and sustainable cities). I auto funded my prototype.



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