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Sensegrass is making first Smart Soil Sensing NPK Sensors for pesticide and fertilizers detection using IoT and AI algorithm-based prediction software. We have two core product
Hardware (IoT) and Software (AI Software). We are making smart farming solution for fertilizer management and detect crop diseases to increase crop yield with water control tools for small farms through smart IoT and AI. We are developing the world’s first IoT + AI interface technology for the farmers, implemented with the Nano Satellite Image mapping. We are making agriculture more precise through nano satellite field images for big farms with accurate precision farming through smart ground sensors for small farms. Also, our inhouse smart soil sensing coverage and gives accurate data surveillance under and above soil. We are making world’s first smart soil sensor for NPK detection using our patent technology that measure more than 15-20 parameters from ground sensors( including NPK fertilizers) detection and giving solution and prediction to farmers for better decision making to get best crop yield and save money in farms. We are implementing machine Learning algorithm , to eliminate no human involvement, complete artificial intelligence analyzing of data, to give precise solutions for better cropping. In the soon period we will be implanting Virtual reality to solve the plant diseases and chlorophyll content in plants.



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