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When the Gig economy meets and benefits from concierge services in digital life-styled communities, then digital literacy automatically grows!

Independent labor has 3 defining tenets: autonomy; payment by type of goods catered-to or services rendered; and a short-term relationship between service-requestor (customer) and service-provider (worker). Surveys across 6 continents show that whether nations are labelled developed or developing, the economy encompassed by such independent labor is growing, and growing rapidly. So we decided to address "DIGITAL DIVIDE" by means of promoting this huge "Gig economy" marketplace by (guess what!)... yes, digitally facilitating it. Acceptance, understanding and hence DIGITAL LITERACY shall be achieved, we confidently believe almost unnoticeable.

Societal Technology(akaSocTech)

We decided to use technology in ways that improve our daily life’s quality, freeing-up precious time for the more important and satisfying tasks we undertake. We have and continue to work continually in creating business constructs that provide sources of income for individuals from all walks of life. We strive to avoid the removal of the human-being from an ever more automated commercial world. We have commercially coined ourselves as being a "Societal Technology" business because of the social benefits our platform offers in unleashing technology that in turn harvests productivity and efficiency in many of our day-to-day required activities. Furthermore, and in doing so,ServiceS Mart(our challenge-countering value proposition) serves as a reliable supplementary remuneration source for those users who are itsService Providers.

Our business vision is that “We strive to address the digital divide in societies by facilitatingpopulace required digital-enabled services efficiently, easily and safely to markets without boundaries. We open income opportunities for the Gig economy that will inevitably chip away at digital illiteracythat exist in communities."

How do we achieve this?

Imagine requesting a grocery delivery, or laundry pickup, or food delivery, or seeking roadside assistance, or searching for a plumber, or finding somebody to walk your pet, or need help to relocate your household! Or would you happen to have articles at home that you would like to donate?

Imagine creating the service-request for any of the above described tasks, and then submitting that to a digitalBulletin Board, in real-time!

Now, imagine having the ability to perform all these service-requests (and many more!) from the comfort of wherever you are, whatever the time of day or night, and with the ease of accessibility of either your smartphone or a Web browser.

Imagine no further… you have just imaginedServiceS Mart, our company’s flagship product:

An on-demand digital lifestyle concierge services solution which is crowd-serviced by its users, and built for everyone!

Accessed via Android or iOS devices, and over Web browsers –ServiceS Martcomprises of two major components that are significant in terms of their near exhaustiveness of the features and functionally rich inter-operable capabilities; namely:

  • TheBulletin Board Broadcast service(BBBs); and
  • SMart Points.

Bulletin Board Broadcast service:The first of these two components is a one-stop digital marketplace, where yet other users (i.e.Service Providers) review, select and agree to fulfill these service-requests. Users can be individuals and/or businesses.

SMart Points:is a national currency pegged, bi-directional virtual loyalty points engine that rewards our users withBBBsrebates. Earned loyalty rebate percentages are determined across 3 qualifying dimensions in a given and calculated 'consideration period':

  • the count of service-requests a user broadcasts (i.e. posts) to theBulletin Boardthat convert into orders;
  • the total value of all service fees associated with the posted and completed orders; and
  • the daily points balance maintained by the user for his/herSMart Pointsvirtual card balance.

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