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Perhaps in a superficial glance, small businesses in a community, to look less profitable and owner resources (particularly gas supplier companies) do not know these businesses suitable for initial investment. But small businesses can move the engine of the economy of a small town. And increase employment and citizens create better and better circulation of money in the economic cycle city and also it will guarantee gas supplier’s contracts and will increase their effectives between governments too.This plan will review a plan which at first glance may seem simple but profound attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the project, the gas producers aware of its importance. This project is a win-win project for the people, governments and companies, gas suppliers. The objective is the involvement of all people and low-income strata in a large project and can be implemented in a neighborhood, city or country. People buy small stakes $ 10 and the ratio for small purchases, they earn more discounts on the use of natural gas, so always encouraged to make the most of their stock and use of clean fuel.

Governments and corporations will help people to equip their vehicle; residence or place of business into clean fuel. And each person can buy stocks related to natural gas vehicle, their live or businesses place or allow others to share in this work. Public participation is the creation of a universal culture. Governments can have top supervision on this project. Mechanism design methods and software as well as the requirements and rules of working in a pilot project (based on the needs and requests of large gas suppliers) can be designed and implemented in next.

After the implementation of the project, People are encouraged to convert their surroundings consumers to clean fuel (gas) and because everyone buys shares in accordance with their interests, then all think that only they are the most profitable. However, the governments and gas suppliers companies will benefit most that create a cleaner environment and will conclude long-term contracts and stable and this is a win-win-win triangle tripartite.




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