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“Share a seedling” is an initiative designed to provide sustainable and healthy food for children in a world where climate changes have a severe impact on food production as it has been recently noticed in countries like Zambia where human beings are struggling to find food for survival. The vision of the initiative is to find solutions to food insecurities, hunger, and challenges of climate change. We use an innovative approach by involving children, therefore developing future entrepreneurs and leaders of the community and the country. The initiative manages to achieve nutritious and balanced diets of the young generation for a healthy life. In addition, it builds the culture of sharing and using available resources.

“Share a seeding” aims to increase overall food production through the involvement of school children in agricultural activities. The main objective is to tackle hunger by creating a section in schools that grows seedlings. The produce of the garden is included in schools’ meals and seeds given to the community, sold or stored to be planted in the future. The initiative is eco-friendly as available materials like dried banana leaves are used for packaging and waste materials such as plastic bottles, bags are recycled and used to grow seedlings. In order to initiate children’s sense of responsibility, seedlings are given to them and they water it, protect it from sunlight, etc.

The project is already having a positive impact although financial support is needed to cover more regions and expand the project in all East Africa. As we expand, connecting and sharing with other entrepreneurs our experience is part of our mission. We also target large visibility of the project to inspire and sensitize other communities especially youths in Africa about agriculture which is considered an outdated field. “Share a seedling” raise awareness about the importance of agriculture and alert the public to the dangers of climate change in our region threatened by drought and famine crisis.



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