shared discount-oriented businesses

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This is a comprehensive project for the participation of ordinary people in urban businesses. At first, the company sells shares (any share is 10 USD worth) for covering this project. These shares are adjusted in proportion to the expenses that the company will make for urban businesses in this project. These calculations are evaluated by an impartial team of experts. These businesses can be a small butchery or bakery in a neighborhood or even the main city center store or gas-based urban taxi service or even integrated urban sewage system or even finishing halfway public utility projects. These stocks are categorized and rated based on agreement algorithm. And earnings per share and discounts are calculated and paid separately by software. Thus citizens will manage their stocks and shares proportionally. They can, depend on the needs and consumption of themselves and their families, purchase the shares of each of the businesses in their city purposefully and cleverly. Citizens who have more stocks will get more discounts. This Project will help citizens to cooperate in the small businesses and lead them to be a small shareholder with even 10 USD and manage the amount of their energy (water, gas and power) consumptions too. This project is a triangle between small businesses, banks and governments. People are triangle's background. Thus, governments will try to improve their rules and regulations for encouraging people to buy targeted partnership shares. In this project, many of businesses relate together because people will buy shares based on their requirements and will get more discounts and then we can manage small moneys between ordinary people purposefully and citizens will cooperate in this project based on their incomes, requirements and discounts.



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