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This article examines a fully operational project that can be a major development in LNG-related industries. In this project, a joint stock company must first be established. Normally, this corporation gas services is established by gas suppliers. This company can be established by government or gas producers or intermediaries and then it will create SHARED LNG-TAXI NETWORK with selling about $ 2 million stock shares could be a source of banking or underwriting is done.

With this investment, the company can be convert over 1,000 normal Taxi to LNG-Taxi (any converting fee is equal with 1000 USD approximately) and uses it as LNG-Taxi network and Then The Company provides 10 station containing gas station in town. If we assume that each full gas stations (Fixed or Mobile) cost $ 100 thousand increase, the Company can establish (with approximately $ 1 million) of the 10 stations. The details of the methodology and how to sell the stock will be mentioned in the article.

Every citizen can be a stock to buy $ 10 or more from a LNG-Taxi network. The citizen is the only holder of the vehicle and at the end of each month receives part of the revenue (interest on accounts) of the car only and only. Note the price per share is just $ 10 and any person or locals can buy one or more shares for themselves or their families.This Project will help citizens to cooperate in the LNG-Taxi network and lead them to be a small shareholder with even 10 USD or multiple of it. Governments can have top supervision on this project. Sociologically, with the implementation of this project in the long term, we can change people’s habits to use clean fuel (especially LNG) indirectly. This plan can help government to grow up LNG Used Network and it will improve long-term LNG-selling contracts and will increase welfare in the communities too.



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