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Purchase power is what we all have in common, engagement is one of the things we are still missing in Impact Investment, and decision making should not be an EMC2 rather a 1+1.

Civic discourse is a hot topic and inclusion does not always mean that we all have access to the same resources equally. Letting citizens rant their dissent with governments through social media and hopefully getting attention if their post goes viral is a sure way to benefit social media platforms than citizens - who’ve been nothing but a fodder to those gigantic AI machines. BCorps most recent campaign has been totally in line with what I've been set to do for a while, empowering consumers to Vote every single day with their dollars to promote brands they care for and demote others who don't do well. While keeping them engaged with their impact not only on a personal level but also on brand, state and country level. Imagine mid-term elections happening on your phone every day with causes that matter - demographically.

Governments lobby for corporations, and corporations indirectly set foreign and national policies, next to R&D that mainly benefits their profits and sometimes its customers. Customers daily purchase power is the real stock market that decides which stays in the game and which should go home. There is an unquestionable need for corporations to be more giving, engaging and sharing-value for their businesses to stay lucrative. What if we can give the power back to customers?

Vote with your Coffee!

With own investment and over the course of 4 years and a half, I have built Sharity app that empowers corporations to re-purpose and engage their products like credit cards to fund Sustainability. You buy a Starbucks coffee, scan the barcode and Starbucks will donate 10 cents to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) you care about.

-          The 17 SDGs data will be shared with government different levels to reflect demographically customers' needs (Education, Equality, Health, Water, Poverty, etc).

  • An active live network of daily giving across all corporations, nationwide and worldwide.
  • No credit cards or money needed, literally inclusion for all!
  • Worldwide Scalability, emerging, developed and OECD.




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