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In 2016 the statistics announced by the world banc said that 600 millions handred afrincans living without electricite and these people using ressources of lighting inificient and plluante ans also when the the sun set these people find dificulties to move out side. so we are crated our social company in 2016 shems for lighting for the goal to bring lighting for people suffring from luck of lighting and we lanched 3 products, the first one "shems qandil"for the houses and particular the seconde one "shems sea" for the traditionnal fisherman and the las one it distinated the farmers. so our businnes model based to lokking for NGO'S that working in same probleme and we make a collaboration with them after we start delevring our products . our impact in morocco it's more than 5000 users with a 15000 dollas as turn over also we crated a jb offer for a 10 person and our vision is to accec to africa market and helping people there.



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