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By December 2017 Tanzania was estimated to have a population of 57,310,019 (world meters). Around the same time, the country had a total of 6329 lawyers, including those who practice as private advocates, state attorneys and legal officers. By these statistics, the proportion of each lawyers in serving Tanzanians is 1:9055. Majority of these lawyers are found in urban areas, this becomes a challenge to the Tanzanians living in the rural areas because when they need to access legal education or services they have to travel a long distance and incur exorbitant costs to get them. That is why we developed & introduced Sheria Kiganjani (Law on your Palm).

Sheria Kiganjani is an innovative and online legal digital platform which enables an individual or a group of people to access legal information as well as materials despite their location they are found. Through Sheria Kiganjani, end user can access legal services (legal articles, reported cases, legal documents / information etc.) through our website or Sheria Kiganjani android app. In these platform, he can select a topic he wants and view all questions and answers related to that topic for instance human right, Gender, land etc. When he is not satisfied with Q & A, he may press the button Tupigie (Call Us) from our app and talk directly to our lawyers. With this application, anyone can access our services from their home, office, farms or anywhere.

Since we rolled out this product, Sheria Kiganjani has been downloaded and used by hundreds of people and we have solved multiple cases from of youth, women, men, farmers and pastoralists through our phone number as well as online chat page found in the app. When a person really needs to physically meet with a lawyers, then Sheria Kiganjani app can link that person with a nearby lawyer and help him. Since legal services are expensive, we intend to roll out an e-saving mechanism in our platforms where a person can save little by little for future legal representation. 

Since Sheria Kiganjani is an innovative and digital platform, therefore in our back end system we have an interface or a portal which allow us to monitor well our product. For instance in our back end system we can see all of the System users, registered lawyers, registered complaints, Subscribed members and the like. For the case of our application and web based system, we can monitor and see how many people have already downloaded the application as well as see how many people are receiving our daily messages via our (integrated bulk SMS solution)



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