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Shiphaly is a mobile app connecting shoppers who want to buy products from abroad with travelers who can buy and deliver the items for a cash reward.

Shiphaly solves the problem of online shopping for consumers in the middle east and Africa. Online shopping in the middle east and Africa is still in its early days. In many countries, consumers struggle to find the items they need in local physical or online shops. Hence, they resort to trying to buy the products from abroad (e.g. Amazon USA) using traditional shopping solutions (e.g. DHL) which are very expensive.

Shiphaly solves this problem by connecting the shoppers and the travelers to enable a safe, fast and cheap way for shoppers to get their products from abroad and also enable travelers to make money using their unused luggage space.

Shiphaly offers multiple payment solutions including cash collection which allows more consumers to have access to the global marketplace since a large number of consumers in the middle east and Africa don't have access to credit cards (80% of e-commerce transactions in Egypt are cash based).

Shiphaly has a secure escrow account where the shoppers money is kept safely until the travlers deliver the items. This enables us to have a 100% money back guarantee for shoppers which makes Shiphaly very safe and secure to use.

In essence, Shiphaly empowers consumers to have access to the global marketplace and break the boundaries of expensive shipping and restricted payment solutions while empowering travelers to make more money while traveling hence enabling them to travel more.



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