SIL MCT 2.0 Thresher

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The problem we aim to tackle is both food security and poverty at the same time. By 2023, we won’t have enough to feed sub-Saharan Africa's population as population growth will exceed food production. 

However, our current production rate actually has the potential to sustain our future population. Cereals, a staple food source of Ghana suffer up to 40% loss in production mainly due to lack of labor for threshing upon harvesting. This loss occurs because the majority of cereal is grown by small farm owners who are stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty leading to a lack of investment into proper threshing technologies which leads to the aforementioned loss. 

Women and children are exploited as farm labor for threshing. This deprives children of farmers on their education and leads to perpetual poverty since the children do not get the chance to improve their lives in school. Due to the loss and lack of farm labor, farmers are only able to earn up to about US$30/month which keeps them below the poverty line.



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