Simha - AI platform to improve farmer's tractor rental income

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Farmers today use their tractor for rental applications already but they face many challenges. Imagine running a taxi business without a meter. That's what farmers do today. They have no idea of how many acres of service is performed and usually guess/accept what their customers says. But in this process they tend to lose 10-30% revenue due to lack of proper measurement and transparency. 

Also, they get paid several weeks later and have to maintain accounts of 100-150 customers which is extremely challenging. 

Simha completely revolutionizes this. It's an AI powered IOT platform that automatically recognizes the area of work done and the type of operation performed. Accordingly it helps in transparent invoicing and collection. It also maintains an automated work log and makes accounting a breeze. It's powered by 5 patents pending to enable extremely efficient data transfer in low network areas and to process vast amounts of data on low cost chips. 

We piloted over 500 paying customers to prove out the thesis and saw more than 94% customers report a revenue increase between 10 and 15%. Now we are scaling up our sales and distribution network to capture the market in India. 



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