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Tafmenn Farms and Aquaculture Association is a primary food and fish producer across villages in Ghana. In the face of rapidly growing population we need to produce more food and fish to meet human development.

We are expanding food and fish supplies for the growing population by expanding the agricultural baskets of rural areas. Across the world fish and food has become regularly consumed and to reduce the threat of hunger faced by over 2.8 billion people across the globe we need to involve the rural areas in food production. In Ghana we have five percent of the land covered with freshwater which is ideal for big revival of the Aquaculture industry to feed the world population. We have fertile arable lands, good climate and environment and young vibrant labour force to engage in the industry. In Ghana we are not taking advantage of this natural resources hence we import over $1.5 billion of protein to support the economy annually.

In the sub Sahara and tropical regions, we are witnessing migration with rural area and into the cities especially between the ages of 15-24 years. We have also witnessed illegal migration within sub Sahara region to Europe of which many do not get to their destination.

In Ghana and many sub Sahara region has claimed to have chopped some economic success but without any correspondence opportunities in jobs creation in rural areas which will help alleviate poverty amongst rural populace. We are focusing on both job creation and income in addition to rural economic development to retain this class of citizens within the rural communities.

Another area we are hoping to venture into would be climate change adaptation and mitigation program to guide us address the many challenges and threat of negative climate change impact.



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