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Skooldesk is an intuitive e learning platform for kids at the primary level in sub Saharan Africa that improves learning outcomes through a myriad of tools that include interactive and traditional learning objects.

The interactive questions include augmented reality, interactive audio/video, drag and drop, matching.

The traditional question types include Multiple Choice; True/ False, Short and Long answer questions.

The platform includes a robust analytics engine that enables parents and teachers identify strengths and weaknesses of an individual learner at subject and topic levels.

The platform automatically grades practice questions upon completion of any test.

We have a large repository of quality test questions developed by top percentile teachers including past papers from national examinations.

We are constantly updating our rich set of questions to include more interactive questions that make learning fun and worthwhile. The user experience has been designed to create a real learning environment. 

The platform is accessible to kids with visual and hearing disabilities, and can be translated to over 10 languages. The platform has received a lot of interest across the African continent. 

Our mission is to ensure no child is left behind. 




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