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Nowadays, high-rise structures like wind turbines are difficult to inspect. They require high zoom cameras used from the ground that do not cover all the structure or they need to send maintenance team using ropes to access difficult parts of the wind turbine.

Those inspections are long, need the wind turbine to be turned off, are not systematic over time and requires humans to put themselves in danger.

SkyVisor reduces the time of inspection, doesn't require the infrastructure to be switched down and takes systematic photos so that they can be compared over time. Moreover, since our solution is using drone technology, employees are in a safe place on the ground.


SkyVisor is an automatic industrial infrastructure inspection and monitoring tool based on drones. It allows enterprise asset management of wind turbine. This solution maximizes industrial assets maintenance by reducing production shutdowns and human intervention risks.

Our solution automatically analyse infrastructures states thanks to a fine tuned control of the aircraft allowing standardized image acquisition to apply machine learning algorithms detecting irregularities on the structure.Our product allows industrials to better maintain their difficult to access assets and allows them to make predictive maintenance to prevent failures and EBIT loss.

Thanks to SkyVisor and its drone maintenance solution, high rise infrastructures can be efficiently monitored to detect and prevent failures while reducing human risks.


SkyVisor offers an innovative manner of inspecting cell towers and others high rise infrastructures.

The innovation comes from the combination of newly released high quality and light weight drone with the use of an automatic flight manager software.

SkyVisor transforms drones into an everyday, intuitive and easy to use tool. It's made possible thanks to its unique fusion of software and piece of hardware that weights only 905g and measure folded: 214×91×84 mm, which can literally hold on in your pant pocket.

SkyVisor offers you the chance to access all those data directly from its web platform from anywhere. Those data being taken automatically in a systematic way can be compared over time and analysed to help you make better decisions.

Thanks to SkyVisor, wind turbine inspections are made easy and bring drone technology to your everyday toolbox.



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