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Through our business micro-investing community-based platform, businesses are able to directly connect with customers/clients as well as investors which helps to drive commerce. Slourish is a business micro-investing community-based platform through which African entrepreneurs are able to gain investments, resources and other business development/support services for their ventures while other users get to invest in the businesses for a return and other incentives.

Our platform allows for micro-investors across the globe to conveniently invest in highly-vetted African businesses for a return, invest in safer, reliable and less complicated capital appreciation instruments, earn, save, interact and gain access to several other income-yielding incentives at no cost. Investing is done in few clicks and returns are paid directly through the platform in split seconds upon withdrawal request.

We like to see ourselves as the solution when it comes to reducing the hardship and building a better future for the African people. We know entrepreneurship breeds developments, jobs and a stronger economy at large and that's while we are tackling the problem from the root

It's no news that there are countless opportunities and quality business-driven men in the country but, was there a way to let the people actively get involved in the setup of these next-generation brands?We hope to bring a lot of impact on the ways businesses and micro-investors do things but the major effect is on the creation of jobs, increase in the standard of living as well as the overall development of the continent and economic growth.



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