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Sustainable healthy food for all is a challenge in the urban regions of most countries in the world,it is estimated that 6.5 billion people by 2050 will be living in the urban regions ,which is already happening. People are moving to the urban region in search for better jobs and life which has become hard. With the increase in urbanization, land for farming has become scarce. Due to the rising population in these regions, the demand for vegetables is high. This has created some pressure on the producers who have resulted to them using unconventional means to cater for the demand such as using more chemicals to ensure that the food stuff look appetizing to the consumer, growing of vegetables in sewer lines and also using sewage waste to grow the vegetables. This has led to increase in health related sicknesses. At Ndogo farms,Ndogo is a swahili word meaning small, we provide different products that assist in tackling the above issues in urban regions. We specialize in organic farming in small spaces. Our aim is to ensure that people have access to healthy vegetables at all times. We also provide organic fertilizer and pesticides to our consumers. We have different designs that are suitable for the small spaces in urban regions such as the vertical gardens, container gardens, wall gardens and raised beds. Our designs are even suitable for rooftops and small balconies. We believe that with our products,we will be able to handle the challenge of sustainable healthy food for all.



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